Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Venture on Squidoo

I've made a few lenses on Squidoo. After I got the system figured out, it is a really neat article tool. They allow money earned by your article to be donated to charity or to be yours as cash.

You can make your lenses (what they call articles) literally on what ever you want and there is an extensive and exhaustive list. I posted a couple of articles on how to Watch TV Through Your PC
and got them onto google and they are climbing up the food chain.

I just finished my lens on Cure My Golf Swing through the golf guru. It should be ranked tomorrow. I wil keep you updated on how successful Squidoo is in my venture into afiliate marketing.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Venture into Writing on eHow

I really don't know how I got here, but I'm here and involved.

You see, I'm an entrepreneur at heart. I enjoy finding new methods of income. I've started over 20 business in the brick and mortar world. Some work, many don't. But they all sound good.

I also like to write. Which is how I guess I ended up on ehow. I've got a lot of life experiences that I could write about, I thought. After a few clumsy attempts at posting my articles on ehow, I stumbled on an e-book written by a current ehow member about how to make residual income writing. That really appealed to me, because in the brick and mortar world, I have to repeat my action every time to make money. So I forked over the $25.00 (or paypal'd it over).

I'm like many of you. I've spent more on products that I never really put to practice or never earned ANYTHING. But this e-book showed how to put it together, step by step. And it works.
Before I go any further, here's my shameless plug for Maria's e-book:

How to Earn Passive Income at eHow

It is 65 pages of details into how to make money writing for ehow. It includes what subjects bring the most income; how to find keywords; how to add affiliates; snapshots of real income earned, and everything step by step. It is really very comprehensive and well worth the $25.00. It will save you weeks and months of trial and error.